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Nura2003-09-02 22:58:07 @ JST [ 54 ]
Hello Akiko! I enjoy watching the photos. How many days do you recommend on Langkawi. Is the Datai very expensive?
Morten2003-02-05 23:23:22 @ JST [ 53 ]
Hey Akiko! i´m planning a trip to India and Malaysia feb.15 to may.15 My question for you is how the connections are from Madras to to fly or what about boat. And more important: How do i get to Malaysia from Port.Blair?? If you know something please write me Thank you
Lynn2003-02-03 22:52:13 @ JST [ 52 ]
Hi there Akiko! First I would like o congratulate u on your great news. And i have to agree with u Akiko, Andaman is fabulous. Went there with my bf late August 2002. It wasnt the peak period then so we had the beach practically to ourselves. Well..the monkeys did come out and watch us though…even tried to run away with my bf’s pack of ciggies he left on the deck chair..hahaha. And oh oh bf was really fascinated by the giant gekkos and every insects he finds there. The dinner trip into the jungle at Gulai House was really something…the food was great too…and i must say the hotel and restaurant staff are just too polite…hehehe! Well, me and my bf would definitely go there again very very soon. It was just really fantastic.
Akiko2003-01-07 12:58:21 @ JST [ 51 ]
Happy New Ywar!! I am currently pregnant, which means I will not be able to visit Malaysia this year. I am planning to update this site to update our recent travel to Skau Area in Borneo in 2002 soon.
Bee2002-12-21 03:46:38 @ JST [ 50 ]
Hi Akiko. Glad to know that you love Langkawi. Langkawi is beautiful and the Langkawi cable car is now in operation. You can take the cable car and catch the breaktaking aerial view of the islands. Here is their website. Also, check out my Langkawi pictures on my site.
Tony Kearsley2002-11-20 00:23:49 @ JST [ 49 ]
Hi Akiko ‘et al’. I have interests in UK travel business and have visited The Anderman. My wife is Chinese/Malaysian born in Kuching Sarawak so we have travelled lots in this area. The Anderman is excellent and have recommended it to many people.
Eric Petraznyk2002-09-10 01:12:33 @ JST [ 45 ]
Hi Friends of Langkawi. We are visiting for the 1st time and are excited to hear of the island’s beauty. We are travelling from Montreal Canada and will need the the time to recover from all that travel . We will be at the Sheraton Beach for 10 days at the end of Nov to unwind and explore neighbouring islands. I work for Hitachi and have visited Japan a number of times and enjoyed the people immensely.Looking to hear from anyones recommendation on neighbouring islands to visit.
Akiko2002-09-09 22:58:29 @ JST [ 44 ]
Today we have got the 10,000th access to this site. Thank you for visiting.
Dev Firdaus2002-08-31 23:28:11 @ JST [ 43 ]
Dear Akiko and family, The Andaman has now changed Management and is under that GHM group which manges the Datai, just for your info. Dev
MK2002-08-23 05:47:10 @ JST [ 42 ]
Many thanks, Akiko. Does the Monsoon have a significant effect on the area in September/October? Will there be much rain? I note that the Andaman is quiet and isolated. Sounds very good. Can you get about via taxi / tuk-tuk with ease? Would welcome further comments.
Akiko2002-08-20 23:37:31 @ JST [ 41 ]
Thank you for leaving your kind message. MK, Yes, the Andaman is isolated and quiet but a far from the commercial area (30 min drive). There are restaurants inside the hotel but if you want to enjoy typical local food at hawkers, you need to go to Kuah Town. I think there is a trade-off between “quietness” and “convenience”. If you have more questions, pls do not hesitate to ask me here. This year we visited Borneo again. There is only a “prototype” page for this trip (still accesable from top page). Will update soon.
MK2002-08-18 21:12:02 @ JST [ 40 ]
Planning to visit Lankawi in September from Ireland – am told that The Andaman is the best place to stay. Is it isolated / quiet? Any restaurats and shops nearby? Would welcome any comments. MK
Mario2002-08-18 20:07:16 @ JST [ 39 ]
Nice site, I’m looking for pictures of Lankawi because I will go for the Independence holiday. Thanks for the pictures, looking forward to it.
laila2002-07-26 15:14:23 @ JST [ 38 ]
Welcome back to Malaysia. Have ever been at other island?? They are also very nice. H/ever..Langkawi is very nice place.
Andrew2002-07-05 14:42:53 @ JST [ 36 ]
Great pictures! Although I am a Malaysian, I have never visited Langkawi before. My girlfriend from China has visited Langkawi before me. Shame of me! Your pictures really made me want to pay a visit before all those beautiful creatures that you have described are gone due to rapid developments on the island. I hope the authorities will preserve the nature surrounding Datai Bay. By the way, can you tell me the cost of accommodation at the Datai Bay?
honey-N[Nazar]2002-05-03 12:13:44 @ JST [ 34 ]
dear, hi! it’s me, nazar.still remember me? i miss you and all the fans of the andaman. hope i can get there soon.send my warmnest regards to my sister and pn.noraini.i will be there after me exam!!!
Muhammad Firdaus Dev2002-02-16 21:15:47 @ JST [ 31 ]
Dear Akiko, e-mail me your address- I’ve got lots of photos to send to you. Dev Naturalist , The Andaman
Akiko2002-01-31 12:42:49 @ JST [ 30 ]
Thank you for leaving a message. Susan, when you are back from Lankawi,please update us how you enjoyed the nature in Langkawi.
Susan2002-01-23 02:45:56 @ JST [ 29 ]
Hi, My boyfriend and I are going to visit this resort on 11 February and I am very excited, especially after seing your site. He resides in Singapore (until August 2002) and we take turns visiting one another (I live in Miami). I loved seeing your site and hope you continue to post other trips on your site. I’ve also visited Japan with my boyfriend in February last year (we were in Mihara for 18 days). I have enjoyed being able to go out and visit him while he is under contract in Asia but I will be happy to see him come home. All the best on your next adventure. Susan
Lotti Carle2002-01-09 03:25:10 @ JST [ 28 ]
warmharted greetings to Kimi and all of you and a big hug Lotti Carle and Gian (Lottis’ secretary)
walinang2002-01-01 15:05:07 @ JST [ 27 ]
hi akiko, apa khabar?( malay language )thank you for your pictures!
NYSC2001-11-28 15:01:29 @ JST [ 26 ]
Hi Akiko, Arigato! I’ll be heading to Langkawi in Dec’01. Have fun!
Sarah2001-11-27 04:58:31 @ JST [ 25 ]
I have to say, that I never heard of The Andaman before I came across this site looking for pictures. But where exactly is it?
Cindy2001-11-01 13:10:15 @ JST [ 24 ]
Anybody who’s interested to visit The Andaman, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at as I have something very special to offer you!!
Cindy2001-11-01 12:56:31 @ JST [ 23 ]
Hi! Loves your website…and you know what? Actually I’m currently working in the Membership Club for The Andaman which we’re trying to promote the hotel. I’ve never been there before as I’m based in Kuala Lumpur (M’sia). Plans to go there towards the end of the year this year. I saw your website and I never knew there’s so many wildlifes that we can see. Will sure recommend your site to my members. If you’re interested to be a member, please do not hesitate to email me at:- Hope to hear from you and see more of the Langkawi pictures.
Akiko2001-10-10 21:51:27 @ JST [ 22 ]
Hi Dean. Sorry for not having replied you earlier. I Hope you are still watching this page.Unfortunately, I am not familiar with diving at Langkawi, but I can introduce a helpful website to you. Hope this helps you.
Dean2001-09-30 22:29:29 @ JST [ 21 ]
Hello I am Dean Gonsalves from Bombay. I have been serious considering the Dive master course and will be planning to get into one this Season in the Andamans. Could you give me further details on the course likes its requirements and durations. I will be obliged if you could be as detail as possible. I presume that the diver master cousre streches over a period of 2 – 3 months so if you could recommend accommodations etc it would really help Thanks a lot Regards Dean Gonsalves
Marcus2001-08-16 09:40:30 @ JST [ 20 ]
Good Stuff!
AKIKO2001-08-12 14:29:23 @ JST [ 19 ]
Thank you for leaving a message. Now I am trying to add a new page which shows our most recent trip to Borneo. Also, I will add more pictures of Langkawi. I appreciate your patience, Jue.
jue amin2001-08-10 14:36:01 @ JST [ 17 ]
hi akoko… nice picturs.hope more picture will be add at comming.
John Love2001-07-15 19:28:43 @ JST [ 15 ]
Thank you for your pictures, we plan to go to Langkawi in September 01
edmund cheam2001-05-18 00:19:05 @ JST [ 11 ]
you done an excellent site a million thank for the effort you put in to promote langkawi to the world.
faizfaiza2001-05-02 18:02:30 @ JST [ 10 ]
hi Akoko…i like your site…i’m at langkawi right now…and my lecturer said that there were a small river at Datai Bay…and i like to go there…yap,i must go there…thanks
kevin2001-04-25 12:42:15 @ JST [ 9 ]
I like this web site very much, and i think it will be better if there is more picture of the seaside and the island.
KSELVAM2001-04-18 22:54:45 @ JST [ 8 ]
It is nice and i am happy with your site and it is indeed beautiful
Akiko2001-03-28 21:50:54 @ JST [ 6 ]
Hi Andre. Glad you liked our site.I flew from KL but there are flights from S’pore also (1 hr). For more info. visit This is an official site of the resort. But if you still have questions, ask me.
andre2001-03-25 14:42:41 @ JST [ 5 ]
liked the site very much. Planning to go over that way next year. Is the water clean enough for swimming/snorkelling and what about food – expensive at the resort? Planning to take a family of 4 so need to know roughly the costs. Did you fly in from Singapore? Thanks, hope im not asking too much.
shinopori2001-03-11 19:57:04 @ JST [ 4 ]
I saw your pictures&I didn’t know monkies could swim. I want to see monkies! I hope to talk with you,next time! Pleasa tell me about this island more. I
Ephraim2001-01-21 04:25:28 @ JST [ 3 ]
Hisako and I have just looked at your pictures. We want to go there soon. We enjoyed your guest book.
Kimi Ouchi2000-12-14 09:55:02 @ JST [ 2 ]
All the pictures look familier to me as I have seen it but still interesting. I will transfer it to Takenosan and Motoko chan.
Kathy Pitts2000-12-11 23:16:47 @ JST [ 1 ]
Awesome place! I hope Beth and I can join you one day on a visit to this wonderful place.

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Kaori2002-11-12 12:05:28 @ JST
今年の年末に ランカウイへ行くことになっています。 あきこさんの様に いろいろな現地ならではの 動物や植物が見れればいいな。。。と 思ってます。 野生のお猿さんが 海を泳いでいる写真には びっくりしました。
Kaori2002-11-12 12:03:42 @ JST
今年の年末 ランカウイヘ行く予定です。 野生の猿が海を泳いでいる写真 驚きました。 動物を観察するのが大好きなので ランカウイで沢山の現地の野生動物や珍しい植物が 見れればいいなと 思ってます。
kumi2002-02-24 01:33:07 @ JST
わお。。。英語だらけだ。。。(^_^;)って、低俗な書き込みで申し訳ありません。 また、遊びに来ます(^-^)
AKIKO2001-06-21 09:13:20 @ JST
eiko sashihara zerounian2001-06-14 06:16:08 @ JST